Constructed using some of the finest, low maintenance materials, Pretty Windows use VisageŽ, which is proven in its ability to protect your home and possessions.  The frames for your new windows area available in a range of standard colours, being Rosewood, Brilliant White, and Golden Oak.  In addition, we are able to provide frames of any colour, to blend in with the branding on a shop front or bespoke design.


Sash Windows can also be produced by Pretty Windows, using the latest in materials.  If you have a period property and wish to retain the character and style of your property, talk to pretty windows to see what we can offer to do just that.  Our system is provided by Veka who have had over 40 years in the industry.  The sash slider system has classic style brass handles and latches and there is a unique tilt system to allow easy cleaning.   

More acute angled frame bevels give windows and doors a slimmer appearance than most.  Our windows and doors have internal beading, securing the glass and panels from the inside, so that the glass cannot be removed from the outside. 

Many window frames are manufactured from lengths of PVCu, mechanically joined.  This method is considered to be less desirable, as the frame is not as strong as the method used by Pretty Windows.  We use a system where all joints are welded together, providing an homogenous structure which is both watertight and offers great integral strength.

Window handles are constructed of die cast zinc alloy for outstanding strength and designed for security, strength and practical elegance.  The handles operate the bolt locking system and for added security, the handles can be further secured by a key.

Enjoy a brighter outlook with better built windows

Enjoy a brighter outlook with better built windows manufactured by the Window Industries Double Award Winners, VisageŽ offers an advanced range of internally glazed windows incorporating a wide range of styles, designs and options - all with the same high specification as standard


Warm and weatherproof

You're always assured of a warmer welcome with VisageŽ windows. With a full 70mm multi-chamber frame acting as an effective thermal barrier and 28mm double glazed units (the optimum specification for efficient insulation) you'll feel warm on the inside when it's cold on the outside. And what's more, you'll also see the benefits of the heat saving features of VisageŽ on your fuel bills with an energy efficient rating of almost twice that of single glazing.




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