The Matrix fully integrated PVC-U system from VEKA has, in just a few years, become the new benchmark for quality in the window and door industry. Its design, versatility & pleasing appearance have created a standard which rivals can only aspire to but none can match.

Its fully integrated design, the result of massive investment in development, tooling and extrusion technology, means that less than 40 profiles can be used to create virtually any style or design of windows and doors in any kind of building.

A range of aluminium and steel reinforcement sections are available for window and door profiles in the VEKA range, the use of which is dependent upon the loading requirements shown on the opposite page but consideration must also be given to loads on mullions and transoms particularly when those items are also acting as protective barriers above ground floor level.

A wide range of gearing, hardware and fittings is available for each of the VEKA window and door systems, which can incorporate safety/fire and security requirements. Details of recommended items and suppliers are available in the relevant VEKA system technical manual. is powered by




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